Nudes for the Summer

For those who enjoy the Summer, there is a range of lipsticks out there for you to try. Let me introduce you to NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick collection. These sensational colors are perfect for any girl.

These liquid lipsticks are enticing and sensual for the woman who enjoys going ‘nude’. The sensual look of these lipsticks is suggestive, yes, but also filled with plenty to remind you of spring. Most of the colors are dainty as well as plush, and the nudes range from the fairest complexions to the darkest ones. A few of my picks for the spring are:

EMBELLISHMENT: With this color, anyone can have a nude with a hint of purple. This matte liquid lipstick applies a mauve or muted purple on fair skin and a pinkish purple on darker skin. This color is perfect for spring because of the punch of color, the pastel feeling it brings, as well as its diversity on different complexions.

EXOTIC: The opposite of Bedtime Flirt, Exotic gives a bold mahogany red look to nude. The lipstick gives any lip a rich shade of reddish brown that looks sensual and at the same time fun. Kat Von D’s Lolita is a perfect dupe for this shade.

BEDTIME FLIRT: Bedtime Flirt gives off a subtle reddish color under the pink-nude matte liquid lipstick and is a bit ‘warmer’ than Embellishment. This shade is perfect for daytime wear and is viable on anyone with pink lips.

TEDDY: This brown shade is perfect for any skin tone and does well for those of a darker complexion. Teddy gives off that ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ that you’d expect with spring and thus this makes Teddy the perfect nude for this season. The brown also does well as a bold color for people with lighter skin tones.

PUSH UP: This spicy brown color reminds me of a warm summer and a bright and festive spring. This color is perfect for fair to olive complexions and does well as a nude that brightens up the face.