Finally…Summer Sizzle 2017 Best Looks

It’s been so long…

After contemplating on whether or not I should actually critique this year’s Summer Sizzle event, I finally came to a conclusion — honesty is best.

What I’ve decided to do is actually review some of the best looks from Summer Sizzle BVI 2017 and help readers to get a grasp on the stories that each designer is trying to tell with their collections.

As always, your opinions on these designs you are about to see is always welcomed. Just leave a comment down below.

First Look at Cesar Galindo’s Dresses

Caesar Galindo Summer Sizzle
Model: Natalia Gonzalez
Designer: Cesar Galindo
Photographer: Rubebwoy Photos

Caesar sent down a kaledescope of colors down the runway that was filled with crisp and luminous fabrics. It brought on a fresh take to summer and florals and even with the theme being central around bright colors and classy looks, Caesar managed to pull off a cohesive collection with a variety of piecces for everyone. I only chose about two dresses from his entire collection: the one above and the one you’re about to see below.

Summer Sizzle BVI 2017 - Caesar Galindo
Designer: Cesar Galindo
Photographer: Rubebwoy Photos

A Yumi Katsura Moment in Time

Yumi Katsura
Designer: Yumi Katsura
Photographer: Dwight Francis

A tribute to Japanese culture, Yumi Katsura Couture sent some lovely dresses downt the runway as well. Creative director, Paulette Cleghorn, represented the brand in this year’s Summer Sizzle, filling the runway with culture and statements that only the Yumi Katsura brand can pull off.

Yumi Katsura Summer Sizzle
Designer: Yumi Katsura Couture
Photographer: Dwight Francis

One of my favorite pieces from the brand was this particular ‘Houndstooth’ shift dress. It’s light and airy, and elegant in its own unique way. The pattern also does have a sort of illusion to it and reminds me of the Yin Yang symbol and what it stands for.

Yumi Katsura Summer Sizzle
Designer: Yumi Katsura

Last year, Yumi Katsura presented a wide range of wedding gowns and there was something there for everyone. THe black wedding dresses that Yumi Katsura featured in last year’s Summer Sizzle captured my attention because they were dark as well as captivating. This year, Yumi Katsura brought something back — the black gown. Complete with feathers, this ‘raven dress’ is something out of every Goth girl’s dream.

Only Roger Garry Can Pull That Off…

Summer Sizzle 2017
Designer: Roger Gary
Photographer: Dwight Francis

Roger Gary did something bold on BVI runways…

He sent models down with what seemed like nearly three-inch long gold cone-shaped nails. And THAT was a statement. Roger Gary’s collection tells a story, beginning with bright, neon-colored, swimwear and ending in drenched-in-black strong, tailored looks. His collection was one of those show-stoppers.

Roger Gary Summer Sizzle 2017
Designer: Roger Gary
Photographer: Dwight Francis

The above photo is easily one of my favorites from his collection due to the usage of black, geometric-tribal patterns and the overall concept of the design.

My Fellow Emerging Designer Reemerges

Akeem Stanley participated in last year’s Summer Sizzle as a part of the BVI Emerging Designer Showcase and in 2017 he came back again. His overall collection featured much satin and a different array of colors, but there were two designs that stood out in his collection.

Summer Sizzle BVI 2017
Designer: Akeem Stanley
Photographer: Rudebwoy Photography

As the perfect summer skirt, this floral A-lined skirt represents the BVI very well. The full skirt was one of my favorite pieces, bringing together tropics, floral, and color under one fun-driven roof.


Akeem also presented this light and airy summer maxi dress. It’s not visible in the picture, but the chiffon fabric actually has metallic gold pinstripe which I thought was fitting for this summer dress.

The Best of the Best is….

I remember when I just began high school. My school had recently started a new club, the Art Club, and I signed up for it. When I was in that Art Club, I had the option to choose fashion design as the art I wanted to do and the teacher that was in charge of that section was Nadia Winter. She was the one that introduced to me the concept of using a croquis and that forever changed the way I designed.

She was really passionate about it, but alas, the art club came to a drastic halt and nothing about fashion was ever reintroduced to the school. A few years later, here she is sending her collection down the runway of Summer Sizzle 2017 and if I am honest, her collection was the best — I mean THE BEST of all of them.

All of yer designs were spectacular and I wish I could show it all. My absolute favorite is the shift dress.


The dress is perfectly made for summer, stylish in every way and features a bold and brand new perspective on what prints should look like.

Nadia’s collection was well-rounded and cohesive in every sense. It told a story and offered creativity and innovation in every single piece that went down. It was so good that the host, Eva from America’s Next Top Model, and featured singer, Jessica Jarrell, wore a piece from her collection.