The Brand

Designs for the best, with quality over quantity and style over trend.

About Zezë Suwiti Couture

rbp06-fourth-look.jpg.jpegZezë Suwiti Couture is an ‘Art and Lifestyle’ brand that focuses primarily on the aspects of individualism and personal style. Zezë Suwiti Couture is an alternative brand: and concentrates on the individual expression of oneself through art, nonconformism, uniqueness, weirdness, and overall aesthetics.

Zezë Suwiti Couture mixes alternative styles with contemporary styles and also focuses on eccentric alternative styles to create unique and tasteful individual style.

Zezë Suwiti Couture’s aesthetic is metal, punk, street gothic, urban, grunge, afropunk, and indie. Zezë Suwiti Couture also draws inspiration from vintage and retro styles, as well as West Indian culture.

Our Aesthetics

As mentioned above, Zezë Suwiti Couture falls under the alternative umbrella, and caters to unconventional styles such as:

  • Street Gothic
  • Metal
  • Punk
  • Steam Punk
  • Cyber
  • Urban
  • Grunge
  • Color Pop
  • Afropunk
  • Indie

Zezë Suwiti Couture takes an open-minded and modern approach to these styles, taking into account the background and history of these styles as well as the intended target audience.


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